150 Words on the LG Speedsuit

In this weekly series Wyatt and Jesse will give their opinion on various subjects. Please keep in mind that these opinions are solely theirs and do not represent the opinion of any of 613 Cycling’s sponsors or members. This week, we look into the Louis Garneau Speedsuit:

Jesse's Opinion on the LG Speedsuit:

“Don’t you mean skinsuit?” I hear you say? A speedsuit differs from a skinsuit in that the former is more like a jersey with pockets and bibs sewn together and the latter is more a super tight onesie that should only be worn for TTing.

So what’s the benefit of a Speedsuit versus a traditional jersey and bibs? Well for one it is more aero. I actually find a Speedsuit more comfortable than a traditional bib/jersey combo. This is due to the lack of straps, instead of a strap keeping your bottoms in place you have the entire upper to do that. I do find that being a touch shorter my LG Speedsuit doesn’t always hold my chamois in place perfectly but I still find it ridiculously comfortable. So comfortable in fact, that I default to my skinsuit on all rides unless it is dirty.

Wyatt's Opinion on the LG Speedsuit:

The LG speedsuit is new to me this year since we started 613 Cycling and went with Louis Garneau for our clothing. It is essentially a Castelli San Remo skinsuit made by Louis Garneau. It is an aero jersey put together with aero shorts, but it has pockets on the back and a full zip (helpful for nature breaks and letting air in). Now I owned the Castelli San Remo suit so I can draw quite a good comparison. I like the overall fit of the LG suit, the breathable side panels, and zipper at the neck better than the Castelli suit. My only complaint is the LG chammies do not quite agree with my backside, so I would give the nod to Castelli on the chammy. This could just be unique to me though. All of that being said, it is without a doubt the best piece of cycling clothing I have owned from fit to performance and to function.

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