Riding with 613

Code of Conduct

We strive for every member of 613 Cycling to contribute positively to the cycling community. Part of this is encouraging behaviour, on and off the bike, that reflects our core values:  passion for cycling, a positive attitude, and respect for others. We encourage members to project and maintain a positive image of the club, both at home and away. 

After becoming a member and prior to participating in any 613 Cycling club rides, we ask that you review our ride guidelines below. Many of these are common sense, but some are key points for the safety of all ride participants and other road users. There are also a few points that are unique to the way 613 Cycling runs our club rides (e.g. “no abandon”). 

If you're short on time, keep scrolling for the quick version. If you'd like a deep dive, our full ride guidelines can be found here

Our risk management plan for rides can be found here.

Ride Difficulty

We try to offer rides for a variety of skill levels, fitness and ambition. To help you pick the right ride, we group our rides into four categories of difficulty. These levels are mostly based around road rides, so anticipate knocking a few km/h off the average speed when we hit the gravel. 

Level D These rides take place at a conversational pace (<25km/h ave.) — ice cream stops are paramount. The rides regroup frequently, if required at all. Paceline riding is not required and those new to group riding are welcome. 

Level C The ride pace varies (~25-28km/h ave.), but will be guided by the active sweeping of slower riders. The ride regroups frequently, at the top of big hills and at other points along the route. This is a great ride to become comfortable riding in a group and helps everyone work together. Social and accommodating to beginners. 

Level B The ride pace is brisk (~28-31km/h ave.). After a period of warming up, the pace often exceeds 30-35km/h on the flats. The group generally regroups at the top of major climbs or after "hot spots" (e.g. sign sprints etc). You should know the whole route, you may turn back on your own if you wish, otherwise we’ll get you home. You should be comfortable riding in a group and holding a wheel for this ride.

Level A The ride pace is fast (>30km/h ave.). ‘A' rides are for strong riders who can maximize the benefits of riding in a paceline. The atmosphere is to have fun pushing each other. If you are looking for love, get yourself a puppy, because you won't find it on these rides. The group is not obligated to re-group if you are dropped, but usually will... eventually. Everyone knows where the coffee stops are, regroup there if needed. You must be confident riding in a group, holding a wheel, and taking a few pulls for this ride.


613 Cycling Ride Guidelines – (SHORT)

  • It is your responsibility to know and follow the 613 Cycling Ride Guidelines
    • If someone is committing a ride foul, politely say something and/or point it out to the ride leader.
    • Failure to abide by the rules may result in you being asked to leave.
  • As per OCA insurance rules, ALL 613 Cycling Group Ride participants must be either:
    • (1) a 613 Cycling member; or
    • (2) an approved guest from an OCA/UCI affiliated club.
  • Follow the instructions from the ONE designated Ride Leader only.
    • If you are not the ride leader, do not yell other instructions. Though you are still encouraged to help maintain a safe and orderly ride.
  • Follow the rules of the road.
    • Never cross the yellow line. Stop at red lights. Yield to other road users appropriately.
  • EVERYONE is responsible for pointing out/calling out hazards and traffic situations; even those mid-pack.
  • Ride smoothly at all times. No sudden movements or braking.
    • Ride shoulder to shoulder, unless single-file is indicated. If you are always pulling ahead of the person you are riding beside, back it off.
    • Maintain a tight, but safe pack formation.
    • Do not overlap wheels.
    • Do not surge or leave gaps in the rotation.
    • If you are having trouble, communicate with the other riders.
  • 613 Cycling Rides are "No Abandon" by default.
    • We will not leave anyone behind... Though we count on our members to select rides that are appropriate to their skill and fitness level.
    • If you are leaving the group, let the Ride Leader know.
  • If there is a mechanical or need for nature breaks while riding, everyone in the group should pull over to the right safely and as soon as possible.
    • All riders must stop and wait to regrouping.
  • Be courteous to other road users.
    • Remember that when you ride in 613 kit, you are an ambassador for our club and our sport.

Enjoy the Ride!