Q: What is 613 Cycling?

A: 613 Cycling is an Ottawa based non-profit cycling club with a mission of building on an already great local cycling community.


Q: How do I get my hands on some of your kit?

Our beautifully stylish club kit is available for purchase here to all members (when available). We try to run several kit orders a season. Don't hesitate to reach out about when our next order might be going through.


Q: Why should I join 613 Cycling?

A: We like to think there are three main reasons to join our club:

1. Great people - As much as our club is about riding bikes, its also about hanging out with other great people that also like to ride there bikes.
2. Organized rides - While riding alone can be great, its often more fun to ride with others. We try and do some of the heavy lifting to organize rides, trips, and outings to get as many people out together as possible. We also encourage all our members to organize rides themselves. The strength of our club comes from its members.
3. Insurance - Like it or not cycling has risks. We often ride on roads and paths with cars, other cyclists, and pedestrians. One of the main reasons we register with the OCA is that this provides the club and all its members with insurance while on club rides. Conveniently, this is also the same insurance you'll need to participate in other events and races in Ontario so you won't have to pay twice. It's by far the least fun reason to be in a club, but we think it's worth mentioning.


Q: What type of riding does 613 Cycling support?

A: Our main emphasis is on road/gravel/cx riding and racing, but we will also like to throw in a little mtb when we can.


Q: Do you offer a group ride?

A: Yes! Our Saturday road rides start from Bushtukah (203 Richmond Road) beginning in April and run rain or shine (but will be cancelled for extreme weather) until late October. We also offer many other rider throughout the week, though the schedule tends to be more flexible week to week. 


Q: What other events do you offer?

A: Check out our events page for details on other events we will be attending.


Q: How do I join 613 Cycling?

A: You can now purchase your membership online here. For insurance purposes it is also required to register with the Ontario Cycling Association for an Affiliate Membership, Citizen’s Permit, or UCI Race License. During this step, you can select “613 Cycling” and the OCA will email you your membership card. 

  • A Citizen’s Permit also offers you the opportunity to participate in other cycling events outside of ours including local races.
  • The UCI race license offers you the opportunity to participate in any international cycling event and UCI sanctioned racing, including the Ontario Cup Race Series.


Q: Why does it cost money to ride bikes together?
A: Good question. As one of our missions is to get as many people out on bikes as possible, we do our best to keep the barrier to entry as low as we can. We are a non-profit club with minimal expenses, but they do still exist. Our main annual expense is registering the club with the OCA to maintain our insurance and make sure you have a banner to race under if you choose to do so. Any left over money we pump back into the club to run events, support riders at races, and maybe even run a social or two.   
If you have any further questions, please click the "contact us" tab or reach out via one of our social media pages.