About us

613 Cycling was founded in 2016 by Wyatt Galley and Jesse Jarjour as a way build community around the sport we love. With a goal to help others experience the many joys of cycling, we are a club that proudly supports inclusivity in the sport.

We are a non-profit, public cycling club registered with the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) —  which means we are happy to have you join us and we won’t make you jump through (too many) hoops to become a member. We are open to cyclists of all levels and all disciplines but we expect you to share some common values:

  1. A passion for cycling
  2. Respect for others
  3. A positive attitude

As a group, we have some novices, some (self-proclaimed) experts, and many in-between. Some of our members are only interested in the next cafe stop, while others have been racing for years. We do our best to support all our members riding ambitions; be it a Saturday morning cafe ride, a Wednesday night cruise, or Sunday race day, we've got you covered.  

To reflect our membership we strive to have a diversity of events planned every year and we’ll keep the calendar as up to date as we can. Some of the main events we offer are:

  • Saturday group rides
  • Skills clinics
  • Road trips to (semi-local) riding destinations such as Whiteface and Vermont
  • Support at local races
  • And more…

For 2020 we will continue to partner with Jarkoo for our kit - we find their quality is fantastic and they offer a range of fits for all riders. 

We look forward to riding with all of you this year!