150 Words On Preston 2016

In this weekly series Wyatt and Jesse will give their opinion on various subjects. Please keep in mind that these opinions are solely theirs and do not represent the opinion of any of 613 Cycling’s sponsors or members. Last week we looked at the Louis Garneau Course Speed Suit. This week we’ll be looking at the Preston St. Crit 2016 - Specifically the Cat 3/4 race:

Jesse's thoughts:


Preston 2016 was such a great day for 613 Cycling. It was our first race with significant numbers. It was also our first podium of the year. As a team we had some specific plans - attack relentlessly and try to get some riders in a break and hopefully take that break to the line. While that break never got away our attacks decimated the field. 

This was my first time racing with that sort of numbers and man could I ever get used to it. It sort of makes me understand why Tekne will show up to a race with 14 people (zing - just kidding guys). It makes life so much easier when you know you have someone in the break and you can just mingle around at the front. Or knowing that it won’t be your sole responsibility to chase down a flyer. I look forward to more races where we can put a full team on the start.


Wyatt's thoughts:

It was a super hot edition, yet again this year, but I am not complaining as long as it isn’t raining. In our race, the Elite3/4/Junior race, it could not have gone less to plan and worked out better. Our initial gameplan to launch an attack early and lap the field did not work the first time, the 2nd time, or the 3rd time. But the team persisted with awesome teamwork from club rider Scott Meredith to weaken the field and Justin Goulding bringing back some attacks landed me in a break.

With myself in the break, Jesse was able to sit in and force everyone else to chase allowing him to counter off the break being pulled back and solo the last 8 minutes and 5 laps to victory. I was able to sit in with him up the road and easily take the sprint for 2nd and a 613 Cycling 1-2 podium finish. We didn’t realize with all our attempts to stick to plan, that we were driving a high pace which led to quite a weakened field by the end. It was 613 Cycling’s first time racing with any sort of numbers, and our teamwork shown through beautifully allowing us to control the race and get a good result.

Now next year we will hopefully have some numbers in the Elite 1/2 race in the afternoon! Preston is always my favourite race of the year, the organizers do an incredible job hosting a race actually in the city of Ottawa and it is always fun racing in front of an actual crowd! Thank you to all the spectators, volunteers, and supporters that make it such a great race. I went over 150 words, but whatever…

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