150 Words on the Cervelo R5

In this weekly series Wyatt and Jesse will give their opinion on various subjects. Please keep in mind that these opinions are solely theirs and do not represent the opinion of any of 613 Cycling’s sponsors or members. Last week we looked at the Trek Madone 9. This week we’ll be looking at the Cervelo R5:


Wyatt’s Opinion on the Cervelo R5:

Cervelo R5 – The best all-around road bike. It is light and the most confident cornering bike I have ridden. It is incredibly stiff and efficient as a result of its super stiff bottom bracket. Every bit of effort you put into the bike translates into forward motion. Because of its light weight and stiff BB, it also climbs like a goat. At the same time, it is keeps a very comfortable, smooth ride that connects well to the road. The super thin seat-stays make a world of difference in keeping the ride smooth and comfortable. An upgrade to this R5 from previous generations was Squoval 3 tubing that is touted to be more aerodynamic. Personally I think this is quite marginal and the other features of this bike are what made it the “pro-bike of the peloton” twice. Having extensively ridden the S3, S5, R3, and previous R5 VWD, I can say the R5 is the ultimate offering from Cervelo.

Jesse’s Opinion on the Cervelo R5:

I’ve always lusted after the R5. I remember years ago standing in Alter Ego Sports (Winnipeg) drooling over one. To make matters worse, I had just received a student loan big enough to cover the price. It took everything I had to not spend my tuition money on that beautiful machine. In hindsight I wish I had just bought the bike. I would have gotten more enjoyment out of it than my Economics degree.
Having strived for this bike for half a decade, would it meet my lofty expectations? I’ve owned the R5 for almost a year now, and I can say it is a perfect allround bike. It’s light, comfortable, and stiff. What makes this bike great isn’t its lightness, comfort, or stiffness. It’s more than the sum of all its “-nesses”. It’s that this bike has character – the balance of each of it’s attributes in the right proportions. 

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