Member Info

For 2017 613 Cycling is registered with the Ontario Cycling Association as an open club. In 2016 we were a “private team” but we realized this did not fit with our open membership. We are open to cyclists of all fitness levels and all disciplines but we expect you to share some common values:

  1. A passion for cycling.
  2. Respect for other riders, drivers, pedestrians, and the rules of the road.
  3. A positive attitude.

Thats about it. As a group we have some novices and some experts (at least they’ll tell you they’re experts). We have some who are just getting into riding and some who have been racing for many years. Many of us are passionate about racing and look forward to introducing others to competition, but racing isn’t a requirement.

We stock a small amount of kit which is available through our online store or in-person. We plan on doing our next order in late April. All pre orders require a 50% deposit. In order to get discounted pricing from our supplier we will need to order at least 6 of each item. If we don’t get enough items ordered to guarantee reduced pricing then we will contact you and provide you an updated price and give you the option for a full refund.